Interaction – international student film camp


Since 2006, the Independent Film Centre “Filmart” is the organizer of the International Student Film Camp “Interaction”. During their three-week stay in the western part of Serbia, film school students from all around the world shoot documentary films on a given subject.

Since 2001, the camp holds an international “Interdoc” masterclass on documentaries for young filmmakers. The lecturers were: Želimir Žilnik, Dragan Elčić, Mila Turajlić, Mladen Matičević, Vladimir Perović and Nebojša Slijepčević.

So far, there were 249 participants from 56 countries. Also, 50 documentaries were shot, 11 of which were awarded 20 different awards all over the world.

Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival has screened 12 camp-made films and two were awarded. During the 66th edition of the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Filmart received a diploma “for an exquisite selection of films that contribute to the Festival with their fin art quality”.

“Filmart” supports the film creativity of the young and particularly encourages the development and production of the documentary film by students of film schools.

The camp supporters include the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Film Center Serbia, City of Čačak, Municipality of Ivanjica, Cinnamon Films, and other.


Požega, 2014. | 15′

Directed by: Luka Popadić, Serbia 

The Singing Women of Požega, a group of enthusiastic older women full of life, share their daily routine with us. 


Awards: Vinko Filač award for best cinematography, Kustendorf Film and Music Festival 2015

International Boat of Culture film festival in Lodz, Poland (Best Short Film)

Jury Award at Herceg Novi Film festival

Srem Film Fest 2015 (3rd Place – Bronze)

Film Front, Novi Sad, Best Director Award

HE – Helium

Požega, 2008. | 8′

Directed by: Giuseppe Schettino, Italy

Young people and war, young people and love. Young people who cannot escape and even if they could, they wouldn’t know where to go.


Awards: Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, 56th edition, the Golden Medal of Belgrade award.

Special Award at the Asterfest International Film Festival, North Macedonia


Valley of the Rulers 

Užice, 2017. | 26′
Directed by: Efim Graboy, Israel 

A poetic and metaphysical view of the everyday life of a remote nursing home at the top of the mountain above Užice, a place closest to paradise. A story about a struggle between light and darkness, suffering and acceptance, life and death.


Awards: Film Clapboard for the best student documentary at the 13th International film festival First Frame, B&H


Čačak, 2015. | 14′

Directed by: Stefan Krasić, Serbia

The energy provided by the two sets of twins helps family Pečenković from Preljina near Čačak becomes their guiding light in life.

Award: Belgrade Golden Plaquette for the best short documentary at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, 63rd edition.