Martovski festival

67. Martovski festival – National Short film selection


  1. / 22′ 05″

Production company: Faculty of Media and Communications

Directed by: Danilo Stanimirović

Produced by: Doloris Ašković, Danilo Stanimirović

Cast: Pavle Čemerikić, Teodora Janković, Nebojša Stanimirović

Strahinja has just graduated from acting academy and is working as a clown on children’s birthdays. Bambiland is a large amusement park in his hometown that has been operating in Strahinja’s childhood days. Now, vacant and demolished, it represents a metaphor for Strahinja’s generation.


  1. / 23′

Production company: Academy of Arts Novi Sad 

Directed by: Ružica Anja Tadić

Produced by: Kristina Kljajić

Cast: Nenad J. Popović, Miloš Macura, Jovan Veljković

Gavrrlo, an inexperienced young man from the country, meets at a dock local smuggler, Chelkash, who in one evening deftly drags him into the world of crime. In the moral dilemma of choosing the right path and ensuring financial security, a good young man almost becomes a murderer, and a criminal shows mercy and honesty.

*Serbian premiere

Autumn Waltz 

  1. / 18′ 14″

Production company: Mansarda

Directed by: Ognjen Petković

Produced by: Michael Vukadinovich

Cast: Jovo Maksić, Tanja Pjevac, Ljubiša Milišić, Marjan Apostolović

On their road to freedom, a married couple has to pass an invincible obstacle.

Prom Night  

  1. / 19′ 42″

Production company: Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Directed by: Gvozden Ilić

Produced by: Savina Smederevac, Kosta Ilić

Cast: Ivana Zečević, Pavle Čemerikić, Pavle Mensur

Three best friends refuse to go to prom night. The night ahead reveals their hidden and suppressed desires, revealing the emotional confusion of a generation.

Shortest Day  

  1. / 19′ 56″

Production company: Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Directed by: Aleksa Mihajlović

Produced by: Ena Bajraktarević, Andrija Dujović

Cast: Ivana Vuković, Jovan Belobrković, Sonja Isailović, Draginja Vognjac

On December 21st, during the shortest day of the year, Marta and her sister arrive in their hometown to visit their mother. Fear of an inevitable future that lies ahead prompts Marta to look back on memories, her childhood home, family relationships and someone from the past.


  1. / 35′ 37″

Production company: Ravagrad film Sombor

Directed by: Gorčin Stojanović

Produced by: Dušan Jović

Cast: Branislav Jerković, Vanja Nenadić, Slaven Došlo, Ervin Hadžimurtezić

An anti-war drama about the fates of Jewish Zuza, a German officer Franz and a Roma violinist Dejan during World War II in Sombor in a concentration camp. From love and tolerance to tragedy.

The Last Image of Father 

  1. / 20′ 29″

Production company: All Inclusive Films

Directed by: Stefan Đorđević

Produced by: Andrijana Stojković, Marija Lero

Cast: Igor Benčina, Marko Matić, Marina Redžepović

Dušan and Laza travel across eastern Serbia to Belgrade. Terminally ill, Dušan has to find a new home for his son Laza, who’s got no one else but him.


  1. / 19′ 16″

Production company: Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Directed by: Nikola Stojanović

Produced by: Tijana Savić, Stefan Momić, Jovan Sibinović, Nikola Stojanović, Mladen Teofilović

Cast: Jelena Tjapkin, Branko Perišić, Stela Ćetković, Branislav Platiša, Miljana Kravić, Tamara Milošević

Destructive and hungry for life, Ena and Sale meet. The burden of the past and fears haunt them, as they try to discover their feelings. Through aggression, on the outskirts of a dirty city, they test the boundaries of their love.


  1. / 8′ 47″

Production company: Academy of Arts Novi Sad

Directed and produced by: Anđelko Beroš

Cast: Elizabeta Đorevska, Aleksandar Đurica

A woman lives her days with constant noise in her head.