Martovski festival

Animated film selection

Mud Chronicles

  1. / 10′ 01″

Production company: Studio Gojko

Directed by: Vuk Palibrk

Produced by: Miloš Gojković

A compilation of short experiences and impressions inspired by the author’s everyday life turned into the form of a surreal animated diary.

Chronical of a Journey

  1. / 5’ 21’’

Directed by: Stevica Živkov and Miloš Živkov

Produced by: Miloš Živkov and Zoran Simjanović

Leaving a familiar place has never been easy, despite the seemingly countless options. The choice is the problem. Which way to fight and which way to win? Sometimes it turns out well, other times, not. And it doesn’t matter if something stopped us, or we made the wrong decision. This story makes us think about the right choices. That is our subject.

The Hunt 

  1. / 7′ 52″

Production company: Faculty of Applied Arts

Directed by: Jovan Rakić

Produced by: Rastko Ćirić

Marked by a magic symbol on his body drawn by a village shaman, a young man confidently sets out to hunt. When the symbol partially disappears, the young man uses his experience in combat to restore it, becoming a true warrior.


  1. / 7′ 15″

Production company: Faculty of Applied Arts

Directed by: Jelena Vučić

Mysterious woman tours abandoned cities. She collects threads from dead bodies. From the threads that represent human essence, she weaves a robe to give it to the children hidden from the sun.


  1. / 6′ 50″

Production company: ARTRAKE

Directed and produced by: Igor Ćorić

Cast: Hristina Popović, Teodora Ristovski, Nebojša Cile Ilić, Bojan Žirović, Miloš Vlalukin, Nikola Šurbanović, Stefan Bundalo, Danilo Arnautović, Dimitrije Zlatanović

When the hero, a tribe boy, is left to die after a conflict, the rest of his tribesmen are killed by enemy fire. Overwhelmed with a sense of sadness and loss, the boy makes a totem of their geometric remains. Armed with this symbol, he heads towards another confrontation that will have an unexpected turn.



  1. / 4′ 38″

Production company: Faculty of Applied Arts

Directed and produced by: Katarina Milin

At the bottom of the ocean, a lonesome sea anemone tries to befriend fish, but her long electric hair stops her.

Two Grim Ravens 

  1. / 13′ 43″

Production company: Student’s City Cultural Center – Academic Cinema Club

Directed by: Mihajlo Dragaš

Produced by: Milan Milosavljević

After a great battle, the mother faces horrific scenes of the deaths of her nine sons and their father… Inspired by the motives of the eponymous folk poem.

Lights & Shadows

  1. / 10′ 23″

Production company: Sense Production

Directed by: Rastko Ćirić

Produced by: Milan Stojanović, Iva Ćirić

A shadow theatre play about a man who sold his shadow to the devil. The devil offers three eternal human aspirations: passion, power, and knowledge. The main characters are the two hands of one man. A shadowless hand is no more human than just a hand, and a shadowless hand is no more than an apparition.