Online Masterclass “The moving image in the age of online crowds and algorithms”

The masterclass will explore two shifts that shape the contemporary moving image and the video art world. The first is the rise of machine learning algorithms, and the exploration of algorithms to either create art, manipulate art or even be the subject of artistic exploration. The second is the connection between media arts and online labor including its recent manifestations: crowdsourcing and the gig economy. Together, we how these contemporary phenomena inform artistic practices and create creative possibilities that challenge traditional concepts of authorship, ownership, collaboration as well as the ethics of artist-participant relationships.


Passcode: 363126

Lior Zalmanson 

Foto: Boris Giltburg

Researcher, new media artist, and writer for stage and screen, whose works focus on digital culture. His first play, Yingale, won the Haifa Fringe Festival in 2009, and received a local production in Belgrade (called Malecki). His film Operator was screened at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Lior is the founder of Print Screen Festival, Israel’s digital arts festival. Lior also researched at NYU and the Metropolitan Museum. He is currently an assistant professor, studying participatory experiences at Tel Aviv University.