Martovski festival

68. MARTOVSKI FESTIVAL – National Short film selection

Days Lost

  1. / 22’ 19’’

Directed by: Jovana Avramović

Produced by: Aleksa Borković

Cast: Jana Bjelica, Jovan Jovanović, Sunčica Milanović

Production company: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Beograd

Olja, a grumpy eighteen-year-old, lives in a dysfunctional family. When her brother’s girlfriend comes to visit, Olja faces the loss of the only person she cares about. Mad at everyone around her, she is trapped in a place where she can see no way out.

*Serbian premiere

How I beat glue and bronze

  1. / 30’ 42’’

Serbia, Germany

Directed by: Vladimir Vulević

Produced by: Srđa Vučo

Cast: Hasan Čičić, Rasim Ćelamehmetović, Iva Bjelić, Saša Bjelić, Dragana Vidaković, Dragana Lalović

Production company: Ranč Production

People from his closest surroundings tell us about the life of the factory worker Mihajlo who comes from a devastated small town. An old neighbor to whom he takes the newspaper every morning, a sister he helps financially for years, a cafe owner whose tavern Mihajlo and his fellow workers spend afternoons and evenings. They don’t know that Mihajlo obsessively steals tools from the factory, that he suffers because of lost love and what he is about to do one morning.

Dog and the Wind

  1. / 26’ 39’’

Directed by: Jovana Marković

Produced by: Luka Đokić

Cast: Jovana Gavrilović, Mladen Sovilj

Production company: Fakultet za medije i komunikacije

On the night before leaving the country, Zoja goes to a gig and meets Luka. After an evening spent with him, leaving in the morning no longer seems like an easy decision.


*World premiere


  1. / 14’ 23’’

Directed and produced by: Marko Pejović

Cast: Jovana Rakić, Stojan Simić, Andrej Malešević, Branka Baretić Milenković, Nenad Novaković, Predrag Kotur, Vera Jovanović, Isidora Bojić

Production company: Grupa „Hajde da“

The film explores a young woman’s crisis, who no longer finds meaning in the middle-class lifestyle. The crisis of capitalism and the concept of freedom is reflected through the relationship with her partner (a deaf person), triggering various emotions and needs (appearing in the film as different characters). As the story develops, we become more and more drawn into the inner reality of the characters.


*World premiere


  1. / 17’ 21’’

Directed by: Miroslav Savić

Produced by: Branko Perišić

Cast: Branko Perišić

Production company: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Beograd

In the intimate surroundings of an abandoned lowland estate, a demilitarized soldier faces the post-war beginnings and the burden of a traumatic past.


*World premiere

Everything in its Right Place

  1. / 21’ 59’’

Directed by: Nikola Stojanović

Produced by: Tijana Savić, Nikola Stojanović, Mladen Teofilović, Nađa Petrović

Cast: Jelena Stupljanin, Anita Ognjanović, Zlatan Vidović

Production company: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Beograd

Jovana, a single mother, wants to spend her birthday with her daughter Sara, but when Sara invites her father to the celebration, Jovana’s plans are ruined


*Serbian premiere