Seven Thousand Souls 

The Czech Republic / 2020. / 58′ 50″ / Docudrama 

Directed by: Sanjin Mirić

Produced by: Sanjin Mirić, Jelena Ćirić, Petr Bergman

Cast: Jelena Ćirić, Lordan Zafranović, archpriest Srđan Jablanović, Vid Luković, Milorad Luković, Zuzana Hrušková, Natali Želinska, Jan Risavy 

Narrator: Tihomir Stanić

Production company: RODOLJUB z.s.

A film about the suffering of Serbian military and civilian prisoners the Great War in Austro-Hungarian camps in the area of present-day Czech Republic. Hard and humiliating life, hunger, cold, abuse, illness, death … The film features Czech and Serbian historians, descendants of inmates, as well as original archival photographs. The film is dedicated to those who have not returned to Serbia and lay buried far from their homeland.


Sanjin Mirić 

Born in 1961 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a high school student, he started making award-winning amateur films. Since 1987 he lives and works in Prague. He obtained his BA in documentary directing from the Prague Film Academy (FAMU). Since 1991, he has worked in all major TV stations in Prague, mainly directing publicity and entertainment shows. Auteur of several documentaries.








*World festival premiere