Cornelian Cherries

  1. / 40’ 

Directed and produced by: Nikola Stojanović

Cast:  Sanja Stojanović, Gordana Seizović, Vojislav Stojanović, Tomo-Momir Stojanović, Nataša Stojanović

Production company: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Beograd

The death of the beloved dog reunites the auteur’s family. A lonely middle-aged mother, her ex-husband, his senile father and her aunt, fascinated by modern technology, celebrate the dog’s life and talk about the past.

General Svetomir Đukić

  1. / 49’ 

Directed and produced by: Ognjen Rakčević i Milan Todorović

Cast:  Miodrag Miki Krstović

Production company: TWP & Olimp produkcija

A film about some of the most important events in Serbian history in the early 1900s, including the founding of Serbia’s Olympic Committee, with General Đukić as one of the key figures. With the help of the General’s descendants, military analysts, sports chroniclers, historians and athletes, actor Miodrag Miki Krstović pieces together the mosaic of General Đukić’s life story.


*Belgrade premiere


  1. / 19’ 25’’ 

Directed by: Igor M. Toholj

Executive production: Aleksandra Popović, Igor M. Toholj

Production company: FINI ŠNIT & ZERO production 2021.


Buildings, like people, can lose their identity or take on new ones. They may be inconsistent with their purpose. The occupants of buildings that lose their internal balance are, like sound waves in counter phase. In both cases, integrity is inevitably nullified. By jumping from a height, followed by a fall, they reduce their lives to the present moment in which their disturbed interior is finally exposed to its nearest surrounding.


*World premiere

Blue Frontier

  1. / 19’ 50’’ 

Directed by: Ivan Milosavljević

Produced by: Ivan Milosavljević, Strahinja Marković, Martina Lajtner, Jure Teržan

Production company: Black Rooster Studio

The frontier man spent his whole life looking for the biggest fish hiding in the blue Danube. For years at dawn, the old fisherman tries to lure the gigantic fish with a clonk.

Two creatures of the same age – one on the surface of the water, and the other hidden in the depths of a mighty river, wait to meet each other finally.

On the other side of the glass

  1. / 24’ 07’’ 

Directed and produced by: Ljiljana Milovanović

Production company: Video produkcija Osmougao

The story of the little girl Teodora and her family about the fight against a grave illness, challenges, but also the lessons they learned from that fight.

Hard choir

  1. / 31’ 32’’ 

Directed by: Dragan Nikolić

Produced by: Jovana Nikolić

Cast: Zoran, Kristijan, Miljan, Merdža, Jelena, Anđelika, Milena, Mandarina, Zoki Struja, Bata, Branka, Sava, Zora, Marko, Dragan, Nikos, Nada, Petar, Jovana, Kultur Shok

Production company: Prababa produkcija


A group of enthusiasts initiates forming of a Roma choir. The plan is to organize a joint performance with the world-famous band Kultur Shock from Seattle. If the planned cooperation fails, will the effort be for nothing?


*World premiere