Martovski festival

68. MARTOVSKI FESTIVAL – Animated film selection


  1. / 3’ 38’’

Production company: Fakultet primenjenih umetnosti

Directed by: Nataša Glišović

Produced by: Iva Ćirić

A girl, a social network addict, gets into the internet universe and struggles to get out of it.

The Old Man and the Box

  1. / 12’ 24’’

Production company: GILDA

Directed by: Miroslav Jelić  

Produced by: Luka Jelić

An old man stumbles upon a box full of memories and remembers his life. A series of images from his youth and adulthood, memories of dear people that had impact on his life. The old man sinks into despair, but his grandson brings a good note and a key – each beginning makes sense only through those who come after us.


  1. / 7’ 14’’

Production company: Studio  „JaFilm“ Jagodina 

Directed by: Marija Vulić i Isidora Vulić

Produced by: Marija Milojević Racić

Narrator: Radmila Tomović

Based on the short story Devojka brža od konja / A Girl faster Than a Horse

At the heart of the story is a legend about an attempt to win a girl of extraordinary origin and even more extraordinary beauty by winning a race. Through a series of phantasmagoric and metaphorical images of the beauty phenomenon and the eternal longing for its comprehension, we see that it cannot belong to an individual, nor can it be taken.

Just For The Record

  1. / 7’ 01’’

Serbia, Canada

Directed by: Vojin Vasović

Produced by: Senka Radivojević, Vojin Vasović 

Co-produced by: Ivan Vasiljević

Production company: To Blink Animation (Srbija), To Blink Studio(Kanada)

Co-production company: Digital Asset Tailors, Beograd

A small dictaphone robot named REC lives alone in an abandoned attic. Suddenly, a bird appears at his window. REC is very excited and wants to talk to her, but the frightened bird runs away when she hears his voice. REC tries hard to record a beautiful bird song. His time is running out because his battery is draining.

*Serbian premiere 

The Bond

  1. / 6’ 30’’

Serbia, Canada

Production company: Fakultet primenjenih umetnosti

Directed by: Miljana Tešović

Produced by: Iva Ćirić 

In the intimate world of a couple with golden threads as the visible bond between them, a man and a woman tangle up in a series of failed attempts to deal with the problems they have.