Martovski festival

Documentary selection up to 50 min

Then Comes the Evening 


  1. / 27′ 31″


Production company: Dom kulture „Studentski grad“ – Akademski filmski centar


Directed by: Maja Novaković


Produced by: Milan Milosavljević, Maja Novaković


Bitter poetry of everyday life in remote hills of eastern Bosnia reflects the life and intimacy of two old ladies in nature, with nature.

I am Number 


  1. / 29′ 29″


Production company: Interkulturalni teatar III/40 & AR Cinema


Directed by: Zoran Tairović


Produced by: Ana Renovica, Zoran Tairović


Cast: Zlatko Đurđević, Zoran Đurđević, Katica Đurđević 


Katica, a mother of fourteen, and her two brothers live in poverty, their hearts full of prayer and love. Their story makes us wonder: who stands between us and happiness?


*Serbian premiere



  1. / 22′ 02″


Production company: TV Centar


Directed by: Predrag Todorović


Produced by: Predrag Todorović, Marko Mirković


In the mountains of eastern Serbia, traditional art has created pastoral “wordless songs”. Eighty-five-year-old Stana keeps the memory of a specific way of singing and tries to pass it on to her daughter Živojka.

Marija Wants to Become a Woman  


  1. / 48′ 8″


Production company: Dom kulture „Studentski grad“ – Akademski filmski centar


Directed by: Jovan Pantović


Produced by: Milan Milosavljević


Facing her own hypersensitive being, Marija creates the perfect partner in her head. She talks openly about that with Jovan, her current partner.

Stunned and struck by her confession, Jovan records it all with a camera, during a year of living together in two different Belgrade apartments.


*World premiere



  1. / 19′ 27″


Production company: Romski ženski centar Bibija (NVO)


Directed by: Aleksandra Nestorov


Produced by: Slavica Vasić


The older generation of Roma women evokes memories of their resistance to contractual marriage, partner violence, the prohibition of schooling and discrimination in work and employment.

Open Skylight


  1. / 15′ 35″


Directed and produced by: Srđan Vukajlović


In the skylight, on a window ledge, a pair of pigeons raise their cubs. These caring parents are not disturbed by the chaotic life of humans around them, which seems to hint at a possible disaster.


*Serbian premiere

Hooked On


  1. / 24′ 50”


Production company: Faculty of Dramatic Arts


Directed and produced by: Nikola Polić


In a village on the Da Changsha island, every morning the fishermen wait for the change of tide.


*Serbian premiere